Safe School Bus Policy

Take Care Around School Buses

When coming close to a school bus: Reduce your speed;. The bus is coming to a stop if the amber lights are blinking;. If the traffic signals are flashing, the school bus is totally stopped. In lots of states it is against the law and local regulation to pass a stopped school bus with blinking traffic signals and/or a stop arm.

All vehicles should be extremely careful around school buses. Children may dart out from in front or or behind a school bus without thinking about oncoming traffic.

Do not distract school bus drivers, they have a lot of responsibility and need to be concentrating on their school bus children in their care . Numerous are not paid really well and they do not need the extra irritation.

There are many kind of transport companies and firms which drive buses as well. They all have differing policies, so anticipate almost anything, they are human and could make mistakes as well.

If you own a company that has corporate vehicles, see to it you preserve great public relations and communication with these school bus drivers. Realize that if you do something dumb near a bus; it will be observed by others. They will assume you are hazardous, which is a bad picture for your company.

Don’t assume for a moment that no one will see how you are driving around a school bus. The logo on your company vehicle sticks out. Save yourself an expensive ticket and also negative comments from the public, bus vehicle drivers, parents and also various other drivers.

Wherever you see school buses you are likely to encounter vehicles dropping off and picking up school students. Care should be taken around those vehicles which display school car hang tags on their rear view mirrors as these vehicles are usually dropping off students. K12parkingpermits has a number of sample hang tags on their site which you can view if you are not familiar with plastic custom printed hang tags.

Appropriate manners when driving the business automobiles is essential regardless of who is driving the vehicle. You must be determined to go over this with all your drivers. Sometimes delivery vehicle drivers get in a little bit of a rush or they are worried regarding finishing all the deliveries promptly. Be sure to tell them that you do not want them to dilly dalley, however you definitely expect them to polite, smart and also safe concerning how they drive around school buses. The school children’s safety and security depends on it along with the long life of your business in the community.

School Bus Safety